Real Voluntary Employee Benefits that they can value.

Employers are finding it difficult to give their employees benefits that have real value.  Trying to maintain even a core benefit like health insurance is becoming harder and harder due to the escalating cost.

There is an answer to those employers who want to give their workers something that can be deemed as a real benefit that will be used.  It doesn’t have to cost them anything either.  Financial Alternatives, Inc. offers a myriad of products.  Here are a couple of specific options that are everyday, money saving benefits:

1.  Personal Auto, Home, Motorcycle, Umbrella  Insurance that is payroll deducted.  What does the employee get?  Something that virtually every person has and needs.  They get discounts not available anywhere else.  They get 24 hour claim service.  Extended Customer Service hours for their convenience.  There are no down payments, no service fees,  and no finance charges   It is payroll deducted over the time frames they choose automatically.  90{20db973e782fb65bfdf97144db4f650632052350b0f72632898b4b56b6799be5} + satisfaction nationwide!

2.  Insured Legal Services.  For a small premium every month an employee can cover his whole family from the high costs of providing a lawyer.  Wills, house closings, traffic tickets, etc. … no problem, we have you covered.  Enough said.

3.  Identity Theft Protection.  You only need to read the headlines every day to know this problem isn’t going away.  Protect yourself and your employees.  The time taken off from work when incidents like this happen are costly not only to the employee but the employer.

4.  See a Doctor from your smart phone, tablet, or computer Apps!  24 HOURS A Day/ 7 Days a Week/ 365 Days a year, what a truly time saving method to utilize a board certified doctor in your state at little or no cost.  This is an amazing benefit, once used will be kept in your back pocket for life.  In addition it comes bundled with true money saving discounts on prescriptions, dental work, eye wear, and more.

These are but a few of the truly unique benefits that can be utilized by the employer to enhance your benefit package.  Call us here at Financial Alternatives, Inc. (315) 622-7000.  We will bring you ideas that are worth looking into to save your employees time and money.

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