Bad Decisions

Bad Decisions

Choices can be sometimes hard to make.  You are in your car.  The ever present phone rings, beeps, chirps, vibrates, it does something.  YOU are driving, but our addiction to this device does not stop us from the desire to see what we are missing.

We see it too many times in the news.  A mysterious accident involving a vehicle crossing over lanes and causing tragedy.  Because I exercise a tremendous amount, my awareness of this phenomenon is on high alert.  One day while crossing a two lane bridge on a bike, my focus is on making sure to be as far over to the right as possible.  Within seconds, an auto came up next to me and missed my left petal by an inch.  After they had passed me, they almost hit the  right side of the bridge and abruptly swerved back into the lane.  Was that driver distracted by a cell phone?  Thank God nothing happened, but how easily could they have overcorrected and gone into the other lane.

Let’s talk about alcohol.  People NEVER think about what is really takes to be considered intoxicated.   Yes, there are many factors involved regarding Blood Alcohol Content or (BAC).  Here are some of them:

Rate of consumption
Drink strength
Body type
Fat/Muscle content
Emotional state
Medications you are on
Food you’ve consumed
Carbonation of drinks
Alcohol tolerance
Overall health

Generally speaking if you are of age (underage drivers with any BAC is almost always chargeable) and you have a .08 blood alcohol content, you will be charged. A good rule of thumb is if you have more than one drink per hour, we are talking typical serving size, you are risking a DWI or a DUI.  Even more than putting yourself at risk, you are putting countless other people at risk.  If you make it a habit of drinking out, then having to drive home, invest in a breathalyzer.  They are inexpensive and can save not only your life, but others.  Not only that, one arrest will cost you a tremendous amount of money and time.  On average $10,000 !  In addition, insurers will not touch you without surcharging you what will seem like forever.

Let’s talk about CHOICES.  You have choices.  Driving a motorized vehicle is hard now because cars have become so easy to drive.  Yet, distractions can cause serious unintended events.

Add Bluetooth to your vehicle if it does not have it already.  I put my phone under my car mat when I am in an auto,  don’t want to see the screen at all.  If the GPS is on, it’s talking, an English lady is talking.  Why do I have to look?

If you drink at all, invest in a breathalyzer.  They have gotten so cheap, everyone should carry one.  It will save lives including yours.

Lastly, THINK.  Make decisions with an end result in mind.  One stupid decision you make can change your life forever.  It can also change the lives of others forever.




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