Discount Prescription Drug Card

Print the Discount Rx card below for free.

Save $$ on all your Presciptions.

Free Printable RX Card

We are making this available to everyone to help with making Prescriptions more affordable. Print them out and give them to your family and friends. GlicRx is one of the largest discount drug card companies and they are trying to make a difference for all Americans to help make prescriptions more affordable.

Present this card to the pharmacist and save money on your medications!

How does it work?

35,000 pharmacies partnered directly with GlicRx to offer you discounts on prescription drugs.

Save up to $95 off on your prescription!

Here are some of the pharmacies that partner with us:


What is GlicRx?

GlicRx is a free mobile app and prescription discount card that helps users nationwide save every month by finding them the lowest price on prescriptions at their local pharmacies.

Can I use this card multiple times?

Yes, you can use this card as much as you can.

Can I share this card with my friends?

Yes, we encourage it. Why not help your friends and family save money as well.

What if I’m having trouble using GlicRx at the pharmacy?

If you have run into an issue using one of our cards at your pharmacy, please call us on the Pharmacy Hotline shown on your card. We can typically resolve most issues while you’re in the pharmacy.

If I have insurance can I still use the GlicRx card?

Yes! GlicRx can still help you reduce your prescription costs and help you find prices that are lower than some of your typical co-pays. Sometimes the insurance doesn’t cover a certain drug or you can’t afford your medication due to a high deductible, this is where we can help.

How do I get the lowest price, even if I have insurance or Medicare?

Yes. Your insurance or Medicare’s plan’s co-pays may not be the lowest price. Show your GlicRx card to the pharmacist, ask them to run your GlicRx card to see which price is lower. There are many discounts available which may be lower prices than your co-pay or Medicare prices.

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